Saturday, April 20, 2019

Language specification

Java: C Sharp:

How to change the default ASP.NET MVC theme

Razor MVC comes with a template engine called Razor. What's a template engine, you ask? It's a preprocessor that runs over your view code (generally,...

MVC source viewer


Visual studio online-Source code control

Watch video: Step 1: Create clound project Step 2: Add source to source control Step 3: Get latest version Step 4: Check out for edit Step 5: Check in Setp...

Theme and frameworks

Step 1: Korean Learning Youtube, android dictionary note, wordpress CMS ( lifestyle and korean document) Step 2: Ecommerce Cosmetic review and info Order managment Dịch vụ mua hộ Dịch...


Azure Migrate sql server 2008 to azure sql

MVC 4 Reference

1. Overview 2. API reference

Protected: File Streaming

1. Static file: Performance is bad. 2. Streaming: EX1: ASP.NET MVC 3: How to stream files to clients  EX 2: StackoverFlow To make your videos playable on iOS devices,...

LINQ to Entity

Database ORM review