Android Jelly Bean Notification


1. Notification Type:

  • Basic Notification – Shows simple and short notification with icon.
  • Big Picture Notification – Shows visual content such as bitmap.
  • Big Text Notification – Shows multiline Textview object.
  • Inbox Style Notification – Shows any kind of list, e.g messages, headline etc. 

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API summary:

NotificationCompat: Helper for accessing features in Notification introduced after API level 4 in a backwards compatible fashion.

2. Q&A

QA1:  Android 4.1 –> 4.2 one finger

QA2: Setting up a regular activity PendingIntent

QA3: Setting up a special activity PendingIntent

QA4: Custom Notification Layouts

QA5: How to pre-scale an image to fit a 256dp Big Picture Notifcation in Android? 

3. Others:

Itent, Bundle, Parceable

android load bitmap from url

android load bitmap from resource

4. Custom notification:

Link 2