[Book Review] C sharp 6 and Dotnet core 1.0


A book about Csharp Language and .net core Framework

History of C sharp and .net framework

  1. OO Language (Csharp 1.0 = C++, Java, Pascal) –> Component base programming Language
  2. CLR, IL = Managed Code. Compiler for .net translates high level programming langauges to IL. CLR also contains JIT compiler: IL -> machine code. So we can use ildasm.exe to view dll and exe to view il code.
  3. .NET 1: Winform, WebForm
  4. .NET 2: Generic Type
  5. Win form to WPF (.NET 3), Message Queue, .NET remoting, webservice –> WCF ( windows communication foundation), Windows Workflow Foundation
  6. .NET 3.5: LINQ ( LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework(
  7. .NET 4: Dynamic and TPL
  8. csharp 5, .NET 4.5: Asyn programming, Web API
  9. csharp 6, .NET Core:

Core CLR and .net native:

Dotnet Core deployment