Android Facebook SDK introduction


1. Getting started:

  a. Facebook app creation:

  b. Sample example

Basic samples

  • ProfilePictureSample: demonstrates non-logged-in usage of the profile picture control
  • FriendPickerSample: demonstrates usage of the native friend picker to choose amongst the user’s friends
  • PlacePickerSample: demonstrates logged-in usage of the place picker control
  • GraphAPISample: demonstrates requests to the Graph API

Feature samples

  • SessionLoginSample: demonstrates detailed login flow using the SDK
  • JustRequestSample: demonstrates logged-in user making single and batched Facebook API requests
  • SwitchUserSample: demonstrates an approach to allow switching between multiple users
  • AdUnitsSample and NativeAdSample: shows how to load and display ads from Facebook inside your app

Complete samples

  • HelloFacebookSample: an all-round sample that demonstrates profile access, status updates and photo uploading
  • Scrumptious: demonstrates the use of login, requests, pickers, picture uploads, and Open Graph publishing
  • RPS: demonstrates the use of the Native Share Dialog, Open Graph publishing, pickers, invites, and deep linking.

2. Login 

3. Sharing